An Open-Source Project Management tool to modernise your working methods.

Use a task-driven approach to plan, schedule, organise, and analyse projects to speed up your work and improve team communication.

All-In-One Workspace

Keep track of project deadlines and development and use projections based on similar projects to plan ahead.


Divide your project into manageable tasks, distribute them among your team and set each task’s priorities.

To-Do List & Real-Time Chat

Create tasks and distribute them to your team members, the system will automatically add the items to their to-do list.

Document Storage

A hassle free way for you to upload and distribute multimedia files with your team members.


You can expect seamless contact with all stakeholders thanks to an integrated trail of all correspondence and auto-replies for incoming emails.

Profitability Analysis

Efficiently assign budget to projects, check the budget allotment status and plan cost for each project phase.

Time-Tracking & Billing

Make tracking easy by defining actionable items — the activities for projects and tasks. To gain insight into the profitability of a project, record resource expenses and invoices.

Customer Access

With your clients and team, get everything on the record. Clients can use our open-source project management tool to see project status as well as submit support tickets.

Customization Friendly

You can develop your own open-source project management tool by including custom fields in your forms, map your most crucial data and also create unique print formats.


Learn how task-driven project management can help you streamline your projects. For better teamwork, you can divide your project into manageable tasks.

  • Minimal communication gaps
  • Full transparency
  • Clear scope and priorities
  • Estimated timelines, and milestones.

To-Do List & Real-Time Chat

A straightforward, adaptable project management software to simplify your workday.

  • Create and assign tasks to your employees
  • Tasks are automatically added to to-do lists
  • With mentions and real-time chat, keep external chats away from internal communication.

Document Storage

Manage projects in an untroubled way and have access control.

  • Upload multimedia files.
  • Share multimedia files.
  • Upload files directly or using a web link.


You can count on smooth communication with all stakeholders due to:

  • Syncing your email accounts
  • A unified trail of all correspondence
  • Auto-replies for incoming emails

Profitability Analysis

Stay on top of project budgets and expenses.

  • Accurate, current insights
  • Plan the cost for each project phase
  • Allocate budgets against projects
  • See how much of your allocated budget has been spent.

Discover what makes our Project Management tools convenient, efficient, and easy to use!

Deliver projects, both internal and external, on time and within budget. Keep track of projects' tasks, timesheets, and problems.

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