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e-Way Bill / e-Invoice

Generate e-Way Bill for Delivery Challans and IRN for Sales Invoices, Credit Notes and Debit Notes

Accounts Receivables / Payables

Track balance that customers owe you and how much you owe your suppliers with due dates and payment ageing


Manage customer information, send them quotations, create delivery notes and GST compliant sales invoices


Manage supplier information, create purchase receipt, purchase invoices with bill of entry


Track Inventory, Oversee Warehouses and run all your inventory operations real time

Financial Reporting

Summarize all financial data with reports including trial balance, B/S, P/L, C/F and more all in one place

Social and Travel Portals

Delivery of dynamic experiences to consumers under mobile friendly interfaces with extensive collaborative capabilities

User Tracking / Engagement

Tracking and optimizing user experience to engage consumers and create personalized communication through multiple channels

Location Tracking Applications

Simple and accurate GPS based location tracking apps to promote offers / positioning integrated with handset functionalities

Beacons and NFC

Invisible technology makes things happen magically in the right place and at the right time

Cloud Computing

Secure deployments on cloud servers including networks, computing instances, content delivery, databases

Custom Solutions

Build and maintain high performing scalable solutions, customized for better business outcomes


Witter is a cloud based omnichannel solution for customer service, sales and marketing teams of any enterprise

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