Maintain assets with ease using the best Open-Source Asset Management Software.

From purchase to loss and IT infrastructure to equipment, we make asset management painless. Cover every division of your business with a single, centralised system.

Asset Lifecycle

This contains all the information you might need, including the asset's status, custodian, location, warranty and insurance, and movements, among other things.

Asset Inventory

An integrated inventory helps you manage all your assets in one place, for both batched or serialised items. Barcode scanning is available for super fast search too!

Purchasing Assets

Assets are acquired using purchase invoices or purchase receipts. Based on the data kept in the item master, the system immediately creates a record for the asset.

Selling Assets

Sell assets that you no longer require with a few clicks. The system will automatically make those journal entries.

Automating Asset Depreciation

Manual depreciation entries are hassle-free with automated asset accounting. Create depreciation schedules for various asset categories.

Scrapping Assets

Easily discard an asset that is no longer required. Our asset management tool handles accounting entries for smooth processing.

Asset Value Adjustment

This feature can be used to record a sudden increase or decrease in an asset's value and recalculate depreciation amounts.

Asset Reporting

Spot bottlenecks, keep an eye on performance, and enhance service delivery, using our asset reporting tool.

Customization Friendly

Make your own open-source asset management software. By including custom fields in your forms, you can map the data that matters to you.

Asset Inventory

An integrated inventory helps you manage all your assets in one place!

  • For both batched or serialised items
  • Barcode scanning for your assets
  • Auto-generated asset record on purchase.

Purchasing Assets

Asset procurement is simplified with one-time configuration.

  • Purchase receipts or invoices used to acquire assets
  • Automatically generated record for assets based on data from item master
  • Depreciation schedules, procedures, insurance information, and more can be altered.

Selling Assets

You can sell assets that you no longer require with a few clicks.

  • No overhead in maintaining accounting books
  • Auto-create journal entries
  • Quick and seamless process.

Automating Asset Depreciation

Automated asset accounting removes the hassle of manual depreciation entries.

  • Create depreciation schedules for various asset categories
  • Software will automatically compute the amount or dates of depreciation
  • And produce accounting entries.

Scrapping Assets

You can easily discard an asset when you no longer require it.

  • Our software handles the accounting entries.
  • A smooth removal process is ensured.

Discover what makes our Asset Management smooth and trouble-free!

Maintain and Manage details of assets, their movement, value adjustment, depreciation, and much more!

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