Utilise an open source SaaS help desk to improve customer service.

Find everything that you need to improve your customer service, including process automation, SLA tracking, reporting, ticket management and more.

Level Up With Real-Time Insights

Use customizable dashboards to simplify service concerns and detect bottlenecks to apply the best practices using our SaaS help desk.

Omnichannel Interactions

It is now easy to convert all interactions into data so that your support team won't have to switch between apps.

Automate Ticket Assignments

By establishing assignment rules (such as round-robin or load balancing), automatically allocate tickets and reduce the overhead of manual work.

Team Excellence

Handle support tickets with numerous assignments or mentions. use pre-built reports to assess ticket traffic and also track the performance

Service Level Agreement

Based on the goals you've established with clients, enhance your customer experience with SLAs and keep track of successes or failures.

Customer Portal

Our issue portal allows your clients to keep track of the progress of their concerns and communications with your staff.

Knowledge Base

Reduce the number of tickets received by writing clear FAQs and help articles so that your support staff can focus on other complicated issues.

Scheduling Maintenance Visits

You can prevent missing service maintenance visits by using the Maintenance Schedule tool.

Customization Friendly

Develop your own SaaS help desk application by including custom fields in your forms,ap your most crucial data, and create unique print formats.

Omnichannel Interactions

So that your support team doesn't have to switch between apps, our platform makes it simple to turn all interactions into data.

  • Receive live notifications with call popup
  • Turn emails in your inbox into tickets.

Automate Ticket Assignments

Empower your SaaS help desk to meet commitments on time and reduce overhead by:

  • Setting up assignment rules (such as round-robin or load balancing).
  • Automatically assign tickets among the team
  • More time to respond to customers.

Team Excellence

Work together to handle support tickets with numerous assignments or mentions. Our software includes out-of-the-box reports to:

  • Monitor the performance of your support team.
  • Analyse ticket traffic.

Service Level Agreement

Based on the goals you've established with clients, customise your customer experience with SLAs.

  • For your support policy,
  • Response and Resolution timeframes, etc.
  • Keep track of successes or failures.

Customer Portal

Invite customers as users in your account and let them reap the benefits of full transparency:-

  • Opening sales orders
  • Tracking shipments via delivery note status
  • Raising issue tickets
  • Tracking resolution details.

Discover what makes our Helpdesk deliver a better, faster service experience!

With an intuitive issue tracker and an integrated knowledge base, raise customer service to the next level.

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