CRM Software to Make Closing Sales Fast and Effortless

Connect with your potential leads, automate tedious tasks and grow your business with our customer-focused CRM.

360-Degree View Of Your Business

Dashboard provides a combined view of all the key performance indicators related to your business process.

Automate Daily Chores

Lessen the burden of manual work by setting assignment methods to automatically allocate leads among the team members.

Sales Team Efficiency

The performance of the team is tracked, and all prospects' lead traffic and sales stages are examined using pre-built reports.

Total Visibility of Sales Pipeline

Our open-source CRM offers a real-time view of crucial sales and marketing possibilities and easily convert your potential leads to customers.

Crisp, Beautiful Quotations

Spruce up your quotations and maintain consistency across all of your documents with custom print format templates.

Digital Marketing

Use email blasts for targeted marketing, send appealing newsletters to your consumers in bulk, and analyze your lead sources.

On-the-fly Customizations

Develop your own CRM software by creating unique print formats and alter form behavior all without writing a single line of code.

Omnichannel Interactions

Don't let any lead pass by you. Your sales team won't have to switch between several apps thanks to this feature that makes it simple to turn all interactions into data.

  • Live notifications with Call Popup
  • Turn emails in your inbox into leads.

Automate Daily Chores

You can lessen the burden of manual work by setting assignment methods (such as round-robin or load balancing) to automatically allocate leads among the team members.

  • More time to respond to customers
  • Helps sales team meet deadlines on time

Sales team efficiency

Don't overlook your sales team's big picture. With the help of our ERP tools, you may handle leads or opportunities with numerous assignments or mentions and create reports right out of the box.

  • Monitor team performance.
  • Analyze lead traffic or,
  • Analyze sales stage of all prospects.


Develop your own open-source CRM software by

  • Creating unique print formats
  • Hiding fields based on user roles
  • Including custom fields in your forms
  • Altering form behavior
  • All without writing a single line of code!

Discover what makes our CRM the best in the world!

Real customer-centric CRM to make sure you never miss out on any leads, connect with prospects and grow your business.

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