Accounting software to manage your finances with ease

From recording transactions to summarising and evaluating financial data, you can access all the tools you need to manage your cash flow in one place.

Real-Time View

Thanks to configurable accounting dimensions and customizable dashboards, analyze every aspect of your business.

Chart of Accounts

The blueprint for your business that helps you with the detailed reports for your company's accounts.

Journals and Payments

A successful way to control cash flow and keep track of income and expenses.

Billing and Pricing

Create unique print templates and quickly establish defaults. Once enabled, item pricing will be obtained automatically.

Multi-currency Accounting

Our open-source accounting software makes it simple to manage transactions in several currencies.

Auto Invoicing

Automatically generate invoices for subscription orders by using the 'Subscriptions' feature and avoid sending renewal invoices each month.


Create unlimited bank and cash accounts and track their opening and closing balances. Want to upload your bank statements? It is just one-click away!

On-the-fly Customizations

A platform that easily adapts to new customizations. Include custom fields, modify form behavior and developing unique print formats.

Journals and Payments

Avoid mismatches when closing accounts by maintaining a clean and crisp ledger.

  • Track income and expenses (deferred or accrued)
  • Set up notifications for period closing
  • Control cash flow.
  • Advance payments in one go!

Billing and Pricing

Manage your Sales & Purchase Invoices along with debit note and credit notes effectively. Invoice your customers and chase receivable payments easily, with payment requests and notifications via email or SMS reminders.

  • Custom print templates
  • Set up defaults
  • Auto-fetched future transactions.

Multi-currency Accounting

Any currency can be used to send invoices and add expenses; the system will convert them to your base currency for you. Even financial records and transactions in several currencies are available.

  • Conversion to the base currency
  • Financial records and transactions in different currencies

Discover what makes Accounting effortless!

It's finally possible to analyze every component of your business in one place.

Chart of Accounts

A tree view that states the accounts needed by your company to manage your book of accounts.

Journal Entry

Leave no transaction unrecorded. Make quick journal entries, difference entries, reverse entries, contra entries, and more.

Finance Book

Create multiple finance books for various accounting entries and manage the reports without any trouble.

Sales and Purchase Management

Track inventory levels, replenish stock, and manage sales orders, customers, suppliers, and order fulfillment.

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